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Living with a mood disorder can be isolating and frustrating. And it doesn't help that the nature of illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder are still misunderstood by many. This can leave sufferers and their families feeling stigmatized and alone. In answer to this important problem, the Mood Disorders Support Group of New York (MSDG-NY) has been helping New Yorkers through weekly support groups at two locations in Manhattan since 1981.

Mood disorders are manageable. You can lead a full and productive life. You may also be a tremendous help to someone else. We believe everyone has information to share: a coping skill, a success story, a new type of treatment. By sharing experiences and learning from others, we aim to provide a safe environment — free of scrutiny and judgment.


April 2016

Letter from the Chair with Dr. Li Faustino

Current members of the MDSG Board of Directors

Book Reviw with Betsy Naylor

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